Didier et Olivia Le Calvez, assisted by their team, will share their expertise aquired through more than 40 years of experience to position and  manage hotels.


Ré-Management put a the client disposal the know-how acquired :

  • Positionning
  • Development
  • Transition Management
  • Hotel Management

Our Culture

We build together the history of our family holding with passion and integrity.  We keep our fingers on the pulse of the market to continuously adjust our approach, which also drives innovation.

Thanks to the expertise and the soft skills of the team, we work to reach a level of Excellence and sustain it on the long term. 


Ré-Management Story 


In 2004, a young woman, named Olivia, built a a beautiful boutique Hotel on an island called Ré on the french Atlantic coast….

The legend tells the story that the sailors of the Ancient Egypt, sent by Ramsès II, wanted to make a World Tour. The boat ran aground (near the small town called Ars nowday on the Island of Ré) and they decided to built a small pyramid.

The one for Didier & Olivia Le Calvez , their base, its the hotel de Toiras & Villa Clarisse.

(called also Râ), is in the egyptian mythology, the God of the Sun.

He is represented as a man with  a hawk head, capped by a Solar disc. His sacred animals are : the hawk and the bee.

In the early Universe, the World didn’t exist. Only a vast and empty place, called Noun, the cold and dark ocean. From there, an island emerged. On this island, a lotus flower grew. Once the flower riped and bloomed, appeared the God Ré. At this exact moment, he illuminated and warmed the world which stopped to be cold and dark.

This important for us to highlight our roots where all begins. The mythology behind the God Ré has a strong parallelism with our wish to be a source of happiness.