What do we do?

RÉ-Management accompanies hotel openings, from major strategy changes to hotel restructuring programs and targeted audits on behalf of independent owners.

RÉ-Management carries out studies, defines the concepts and the program components, monitors the execution, initiates the strategy and supports the operations of several projects in France and abroad.

Together with their team, Didier and Olivia Le Calvez make use of their great experience acquired through more than 30 years in hospitality.

  • We research: market studies and business plans
  • We conceptualise: concepts, programming and design briefs
  • We deliver: assistance to project management
  • We operate: management mandates and management contracts

We support each project at different stages, with different degrees of involvement depending on each individual’s needs.


What is our culture?

Together, we build the history of our team with passion and integrity. Continuously attuned to our environment, we are aware of the need to innovate. Thanks to our team members’ individual expertise and skills, we work to achieve a sustainable level of excellence.


Why RÉ-Management?

In 2004, a young woman, Olivia Le Calvez, built a boutique hotel on an island called Ré on the French Atlantic coast….

Ré (also called Ra), is the sun god in Egyptian mythology. He is usually depicted as a falcon-headed man wearing a solar disk.

The legend says that the navigators of ancient Egypt, sent by Ramses II, wanted to sail around the world and were stranded (near the current town of Ars on the island of Ré) and built a small pyramid.