L’auberge des Bertranges

For over 200 years, the Charlois family has enjoyed a priceless, natural heritage where oak reigns supreme. Based in Murlin in the Nivernais countryside and within the Bertranges Forest, the Charlois Group has access to groves where the most beautiful oak specimens in France thrive.

Founded in 1928 by Eugène Charlois, Maison Charlois specialised in selecting oak trees, splitting and naturally seasoning the staves. It became the premier forestry operator in terms of volume in France and the unrivalled leader on the French stave market.

The heir to this expertise and reputation, today Sylvain Charlois drives the Charlois Group forward. A creative and innovative mind, he draws inspiration from the oaks themselves, to perpetuate and develop each business.

In 2016, the oak’s nobility encouraged the Charlois Group to join the world of luxury with the creation of La Chênaie, a brand of cosmetics made with a patented oak extract, a result of anti-ageing research.

The next developpment will be a unique Hotel & Spa in the middle of Merlin. Opening 2021.


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